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We are happy to see you here! We are Board Members of Norwegian Azerbaijanis' Youth Organization - NAYO. We volunteer because we find something incredibly satisfying about acting in a way that is consistent with my principles. We believe firmly that voluntary efforts are the most effective means of promoting positive change in the society. We are welcoming energetic, young youth like you in our team.

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NAYO Board

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From Aspiration
to Reality.

Dream big dreams, but start small. A journey of thousand steps begins with a step.

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Simply because you can gain more than you give.

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The World Intangible Cultural Heritage

The festival was dedicated to the world intangible cultural heritage. It was a huge success with around 300 participants!
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We want your talents and strengths, whatever they are! We believe that every volunteer should be valued, supported, and appreciated. We depend on our volunteers to enhance our services and provide a way for us to reach the broader community.


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