Collaboration between NAYO and Advokatfirmaet Suleiman & Co! Exclusive offers for NAYO members!

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Dear NAYO members,

We have entered into a fruitful cooperation agreement with the law firm Suleiman & Co. They have considerable experience in labor law, family and inheritance law, contractual law, compensation, social security, asylum rights, child welfare, housing and renting law, property rights, insurance law, money settlement, criminal law, company law and immigration law. They also take cases outside of these frameworks. What is special with this company is that their lawyers, law associates and partners master several languages, including Norwegian, English, Russian, Persian and Turkish, and can help you in your native language! The law firm Suleiman & Co has offices in Oslo, Drammen, Sarpsborg, Bergen and Stavanger.

Thanks to this collaboration, NAYO members receive numerous benefits. It includes but is not limited to:

  1. Free legal aid if you have an income of less than 20 000,- kr (single persons) or total income less than 30 750,- kr (married / partners) and an equity of less than 100 000,- kr. Thus, they offer free legal aid to those who meet the conditions for free legal aid.
  2. 20% – 50% discount on ordinary lawyer services to members of the organization.
  3. Free evaluation of all judicial matters, for up to 30 minutes (and exceptionally up to 1 hour), per telephone or physical meeting for all members.
  4. Quick response time. Time no later than the next day.We are not done yet! The law firm Suleiman & Co can offer internship / work training to our qualified students / youth! They have trainee programs for lawyers, office managers, secretaries, IT-consultants, accountants and marketing people. The workplace is the arena for integration!

You are not a NAYO member yet? Check THIS 😉 Should you renew membership in 2018 (The membership fee follows a calendar year and must be paid each year if you still wish to be a member)? Read THIS or just vipps us 50, – on 10 69 59. Thank you!