The festival of “Multicutural Nowruz”. 18/03/2018, Oslo

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Nowruz means “New Day” and is a New Year’s tradition celebrated by 300 million people worldwide (Black Sea, Balkans, Caucasus, West, Central and South Asia, and Iran). The celebration has its roots thousands of years back to the Zoroastrianism, and is written on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. In Norway, this culture is usually celebrated in a segregated way. This was the first time that Oslo’s Nowruz-celebrating diverse groups came together thanks to NAYOs initiative!

We received around 200 guests from various nationalities including Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan on the Cosmopolite Scene on March 18, 2018. It was a great opportunity to compare Nowruz traditions in different countries. Each of them is unique in its own way. In addition to professional musicians like Alaturka Norwegian-Turkish women’s choir, Nigar Gahramanova, Ashiq Jafar Jafarzadeh with his saz (a musical genre protected by UNESCO as the world’s intangible cultural heritage) and our well-known vocalist Ilham Nazarov from Azerbaijan, young talented artists such as Edwin Knutsen and Aynaz Mouseview on stage. They performed classical masterpieces by Gara Garayev, Vittorio Monti, Henri Frédéric Schopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A poem from our little member Elsay colored event.

Festival participants visited our Nowruz exhibition in the foyer and tasted Nowruz dishes and candy. We received lots of positive feedback after the event and it makes us continue this tradition next year. Here are video and pictures from the event: